what's new in magnumchat 3.0?

Why would I need a live chat strategy?  What are the benefits of having a proactive strategy versus a passive reactive strategy?



MagnumChat increases website conversions.


You spend a ton of money to drive traffic to your site.  But when a customer is on your site, you are beholden to them contacting you by phone or email.  Proactively enage them with MagnumChat.


Connect with at least 24% more shoppers daily.


Sell more product and increase profit.


Turn the website lookers into converted leads that show up to your place of business or order more online.  Chat with your customers in real time.  Utilize Real-Time Data Driven Stats and Personalize your offers to your customers.  Know who your customers are when they are on your site and engage them on the specific product or service that they are looking at.  Track your customers' behavior before they come to your site, while they are on our site, and what they do after they leave your site.


Control the Chat Conversation and capture the customers' name, phone and email address.  Update MagnumChat's IP database for repeat visitors. Increase your online interaction, online orders, and customer service.


The MagnumChat platform enables hundreds of businesses globally to intelligently engage with more than 3 million people per month at any step in the customer lifecycle.


We look forward to working with you in 2012 and assisting your marketing, lead generation, customer service, inside sales and business development.  Call 866-570-4729 ext. 1001 and ask  for more details.  Thank you for the opportunity.














 MagnumChat 2.5 Features:


Real-time chat Allow web site visitors to chat with customer service operators online and in real-time. Benefit: No more waiting, for minutes, hours, or even days for a response to an immediate question.


Visitor Monitoring Operators can be notified when a visitor arrives on their site. The operator can view the site path of the visitor, the current page the visitor is browsing and additional visitor information. Benefit: You have the ability to communicate with every customer that comes to your site just as you would greet a customer that walked in your store. You can also track where they came from and how they got to your site allowing you to spend more money on the search engines and keywords that are bringing you the most visitors.


Multiple Operators on a Call Multiple operators can assist the visitor at the same time. Benefit: No question will ever go unanswered.


Customizable Interface The chat window and buttons can be customized without limit for a more integrated look on your web site. Benefit: You get what you want exactly as you want it.


Operator to operator chat Group chat feature allows operators to chat in forum style. Benefit: Secure business chat solution. .


Alerts & notifications Operators can be notified several ways when a visitor enters the site, requests a chat or sends a message. Notifications include sound and flashing icons. Benefit: With multiple options to be notified you are able to choose the best one for you ensuring that a call is never missed.


Canned messages The operator can pick from a personal (and editable) list of canned messages that he or she may use quickly and easily when speaking with a visitor. Add new canned messages on the fly by a click of a mouse. Benefit: Having common answers at your fingertips can assist in making the conversation effective and successful.


Chat Transfer If an operator is faced with a question that he or she knows is better suited to another operator, the chat can be transferred easily with the click of a button. Benefit: Visitors get best answers to questions without having to retype anything.


Pro-Active Initiation Operators can manually invite a visitor to chat or automatically open a chat window. Benefit: Operators don't have to wait for visitors to ask for help. If an operator feels the visitor might need help, the operator can ask the visitor if they need assistance.


Operator Images A picture of the operator handling the call can be displayed on the visitor's chat window. Benefit: Reminds the customers that they are talking to a real person.


Online/Offline Indication The chat button will change state indicating if operators are available to accept calls. Benefit: If you leave your desk and forget to log out, your status will automatically change to away and visitors can leave a message… so you never miss a call.


Chat Reporting Managers can view call histories that include chat time, transcript, missed chat requests etc. Benefit: This reporting tools will allow managers to see what types of questions are being asked and make adjustments to curtail future questions of the same type.


Accept Multiple Chats There is no limit on the number of chats operators can accept. Benefit: Operators can handle multiple chats at once increasing their productivity.


Easy-to-use Interface Interface without clutter. Quickly handle multiple calls and access resources for answering questions. Benefit: Find functions quickly and easily in a sleek clean environment.


Geolocation Enables you to identify the location of your visitors including country, county, city, preferred language. Benefit: Enhance cross selling and up selling opportunities. Also helps to prevent fraudulent transactions.


 Time stamps Keep track of visitor wait times. Benefit: Adding time stamps to chat conversations gives you an accurate way to monitor response time.


To-do tasks with reminders During a live chat session Operators can add calendar based To-do tasks without the need to exit the application. Benefit: Makes operators life easy.


Live chat in real time Customers and visitors get instant satisfaction from an immediate answer to their questions or problems. Without real-time chat, a business is dependent on either the telephone, for which there's no easy way to keep a written record of the conversations, or e mail, any delay in replying to which can lose a new customer or frustrate an existing customer.


Prepared (canned) responses Each operator can edit a personal list of commonly used phrases or sentences. This can save much time and typing, and impresses visitors. Consulting a colleague When a visitor's query can be dealt with better by another operator, the present operator can transfer the visitor quickly to the other, or other operators can join in the chat simultaneously.


Proactive chat Chat Operators don't need to wait for a visitor to ask for assistance. An experienced operator can sense when a visitor may need help by watching the mouse and keyboard activity and tracking the pages visited. At a suitable moment the operator can start a chat by offering assistance, just like in person.


On-line/off-line indicator The 'Start Chat' button tells visitors whether the operator is present or not. If the operator is off-line, the visitor can leave a message, so that calls can never be missed.


Limitless simultaneous chats Chat Operators can deal with as many visitors as they can handle. The better trained they are, the more productive they will be. Know your site visitor Operators can see the geographical location of each visitor by country, state or county and town. This information may present opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling.